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Melanie David

The changes I've noticed so far, muscle recovery is a little faster, slightly less stiff in the mornings, skin is clearer and hair seems shinier.

Alison Blair

I have lived with constant pain and body aches for about 2 years now and was using CBD oil 2 x daily to cope with the pain.

At night it was in so much pain that it would disrupt my sleep.

I thought the was related to menopause, but apparently not.

I started taking Hydrolyzed Collagen middle of June 2021 and have not looked back as far as how it relieves my body aches.

I take it at night and have had a good solid night’s sleep ever since I started

Elly Le Roux

After several attempts to take Collagen, I gave up taking it all together. I then got Covid and the long path back to health saw me walking to increase my strength. I developed a pain in my hip. I turned to Collagen this time to help,  dissolving my daily dose into a hot cup of Rooibos tea at night, well my pain in my hip is gone and I really cant taste or smell the Bovine Collagen at all. So yes I will be taking it from now on even though Im main vegetarian, I know I must take it.

Naomi Brett

Collagen can be easily dissolved in any beverage without changing the taste. Its so easy to even drink in water. After a long period of suffering with my back the pain subsided completely. My muscle pain was reduced after exercise. I would recommend Hydrolyzed Collagen to anyone out there, I cant imagine my morning without it.

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