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Stem Cell Growth Factor & Cytokine Technology

Sold exclusively to authorised AnteAGE Providers, Doctors, Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Gynaecologists, Aesthetic Practices, Plastic Surgeons & Hair Clinics. Scientifically proven to harness the skins natural healing system by leveraging the power of stem cell growth factors and cytokines to deliver safe, effective, and luxurious skincare products that promote aesthetic health.

CMed® Aesthetics

Patented Biophase Technology


Sold exclusively to authorised CMED Providers, Doctors, Dermatologists, Aestheticians, Aesthetic Practices, Plastic Surgeons & Hair Clinics. With two patented medical devices and with over 3 million treatments already performed, CMed Aesthetics Srl is a leader in aesthetic medicine, dermatology and plastic surgery.

CMed research & developments goal is to offer the maximum effectiveness of their medical devices, while  always putting patient safety and doctors’ needs first. In everything CMed does, our goal is to significantly contribute to people’s well-being.

  • Medical Peels

  • Mesotherapy Lines

  • Medical Pre-Treatments


Pure Hydrolyzed Collagen & Protein Supplements


With a focus on supporting specialist beauty, health shops and leading retailers throughout South Africa with our range of RocQ Supplements that are backed by clinical trials for efficacy.

About RocQ

About RocQ

RocQ is the exclusive distributor of AnteAGE® regenerative skincare & CMed® Aesthetics, patented biophase technology in South Africa, as well as having developed the RocQ brand of clinical collagen & protein supplements sold nationally in the leading specialized health & beauty practices, as well as leading national retailers.

Founded in 2020 following a successful sales & marketing career in the healthcare & services industry, Lindsey Ehrke has developed  RocQ into a leading Cosmeceuticals Skincare & Health Supplements brand & distributor in South Africa.

RocQ Cosmeceuticals has a dedicated focus on distributing specialist products that are the clear industry leaders in their field, with full product support & training provided to our authorised professional medical practices, and specialist health & wellness stores. 


RocQ Supplements is the leading premium Collagen & Protein Supplement backed by proven clinical trials, available in leading health & wellness stores and  select national retailers.

Joining the management of RocQ in 2023, Megan Styles is the National Sales & Education Manager. With over 21 years industry experience in sales, business development & educational training within the Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Beauty & Aesthetic markets.

Lindsey Ehrke

Founder & Director

Megan Styles

National Sales  Manager

RocQ is a proud member of The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA).Established in 1965, SAPHRA is globally recognised regulator to ensure access to safe, effective and quality health care products in South Africa.


SAHPRA is a public entity that is responsible in South Africa for the regulation of health products intended for human use, as well as the licensing of manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors of medicines and medical devices.

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